Procter & Gamble was looking for new partners and innovative enabling technologies for one of their key household product categories. Traditional approaches had not surfaced solutions to their needs.


Venture2 applied our Innovation Speed-dating(sm) process. We conducted a global technology scouting effort using our unique methodology, assessing over 100 technologies. Select P&G value chain partners were also invited to participate alongside the P&G team.

We recruited the top 7 technology providers to attend a ‘matchmaking event’ on site at P&G. Results: 5 of 7 were deemed ‘high interest’ and 2 were ultimately pursued for development on its way to this brand being a $1 billion brand.

“I will admit that of all the ways we connect and develop, speed dating may be the most unusual, but it has been very effective in helping us start relationships with entrepreneurs that grow into license agreements and new products.”— Tom, Cripe, Director Global Business Development
The Procter & Gamble Company