GSK had developed the first FDA-approved disposable respiratory mask that protects the wearer from airborne influenza, including H1N1 virus. Venture2 was asked to explore broader consumer market opportunities beyond the ‘pandemic preparedness’ market already being pursued.


Venture2 led a senior-level GSK team through an accelerated ‘New Venture Jumpstart’ process and explored more than ten alternative strategies and business models. We selected two promising directions and within weeks created go-to-market plans and supporting financial projections. A new unique strategic direction was pursued for this breakthrough technology, quickly and with strong buy-in. The mask exceeded initial sales projections and helped GSK leverage its unique competitive advantage.

“I came into this process wondering if we’d have anything to talk about. By the end of our second session, I wished we could have spent several more days exploring the many business models and strategic options that your process surfaced.”

— Business Development Director,
GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare