3160317e53f249eb9e6a2c840d56d51aThe Global Corporate Venturing Summit (GCVI) Summit is being held Jan. 26-28 in Sonoma, CA. It brings together corporate and VC leaders from a variety of industries and sectors, to discuss emerging practices in corporate venturing, innovation and strategy. This year, in partnership with GCVI, we are bringing together a select group of IoT-related startups for demos and interaction with 40+ corporate VC’s who are actively seeking partnership and strategic investment opportunities.  This link provides more background on the purpose and format of this IoT Demo event, being held on the afternoon of Jan. 26, 2016.

If you’re a technology provider in IoT in one of these areas, let us know by Jan. 15, 2016 to be considered:

  • Sensing technologies that enable better, faster, cheaper acquisition of data for smart, connected products. This could also include sensors that move beyond traditional types of data to enable new information collection (smells, flows, etc.).
  • Predictive analytics technologies that provide algorithms and other approaches for smart systems that anticipate needs and activities, in either/both B2B or B2C applications.
  • Data analytics solutions that will enable new, improved ways to assess and analyze increasing amounts of information, deliver new insights, as well as providing more customized or personalized services or outputs.
  • Interoperability solutions for IoT that can deal with the growing multitude of information sources and types in an effective and device agnostic approach.

Contact lwelsh@venture2.com for more information.