Our vision starts with you, our clients and partners.

You’re charged with delivering growth and innovation in today’s era of disruption.  You’ve got a job to do, but more than that, you want to make a difference.  Create something new and meaningful, something that can even improve peoples’ lives.  In spite of all of the challenges and naysayers, you’re committed to being a champion for ideas that can change the world.

We’re here to help visionary business leaders succeed.  We believe that there’s no shortage of big ideas in this world.  Our goal isn’t to invent the next big thing.  It’s to help you realize your vision by developing the capability in your organization for enduring growth from innovation. To help you tap into your employees’ innate entrepreneurial spirit, as well as the larger entrepreneurial ecosystem, and learn to embrace disruption through collaboration. We’re passionate about helping you create an innovation engine that can accelerate today’s core business and create tomorrow’s transformative new business.

What makes us unique.




Leveraging the power of “AND”

Innovation is filled with paradoxes: Core/transformational, entrepreneurial/disciplined, internally/externally enabled. We believe that these creative tensions can be effectively leveraged to accelerate innovation and create enduring growth.


Results, not reports

We are passionate and relentless in our focus on translating strategy into practice and delivering business outcomes. We help you build the capability to innovate and grow long beyond when our engagement is finished.


Entrepreneurial methods

We are entrepreneurs at heart, and bring proven lean methods and a bias for action. We help you tap into our deep network of world-class entrepreneurs and co-creation partners for faster, better and bigger results.

Industries we serve.

The changing healthcare landscape has presented new challenges and opportunities for medical device, pharmaceutical, biotech, and diagnostics companies. The pace of new technology, new market entrants from the likes of Google, Apple, and well-funded start-ups, are disrupting these markets from the outside. At the same time, pricing pressures and increased regulatory scrutiny are constraining innovation and companies must navigate within a highly regulated industry where flawless execution and patient safety are paramount.

Venture2 brings deep expertise and a unique approach to helping life science companies transform their innovation capabilities. Using entrepreneurial methods adapted to the context of highly regulated industries, we help our clients accelerate development of new compliant devices and therapies while also helping them identify and create whole new sources of growth. Our life science practitioners have deep industry experience and understand the need to deliver on both innovation effectiveness and regulatory compliance.

Venture2 has a long track record delivering lasting results for today’s life science industry leaders.

In today’s high tech environment of shortened product lifecycles, more demanding customers and consumers, and an increasingly connected data-rich world, innovating sustainably is more important than ever for technology-driven companies. Digital transformation, the internet-of-things and other profound changes in these businesses require companies to disrupt or be disrupted. Beyond rapidly delivering new products, growth will come from transformative new business models.

Venture2 brings a blend of deep industry expertise and proven entrepreneurial methods that are tailored to the unique needs of technology-driven companies. Our high-tech practice consultants all have 10 or more years of hands-on industry experience that span multiple industries, including consumer electronics, semiconductor, telecommunications, storage, computers & peripherals, software, and renewable energy.

The innovation game has changed for consumer product companies across CPG, durable products, consumer health, consumer electronics and others. In the old game, a new feature, flavor or other minor variation was enough to sustain growth and capture new market share. Now, this is what it takes simply to stay in the game. New growth increasingly relies on the ability to create a series of new growth platforms and new business models. How can mature companies protect and extend today’s core business while simultaneously developing tomorrow’s new businesses?

Venture2 was founded by consumer product professionals, so we have a unique understanding of the challenges and the imperative for transformative innovation within mature consumer products companies. Our principals and consultants bring a unique combination of business acumen, consumer focus and technology understanding to our work. We’ll help you manage innovation as a system, for both accelerating today’s core business and enabling transformative growth for tomorrow.

Mature industrial companies are feeling the pressure from every direction. Under pressure to innovate, most industrial product and manufacturing companies understand the importance of getting closer to their customers. But the complex value chain in which they operate often keeps them from accessing the end user and increasingly their value chain partners are becoming competitors as they themselves search for new growth opportunities. At the same time, digital technology and the internet-of-things is transforming industry and companies must learn to leverage data in new ways to improve their customers’ businesses and redefine their own.

Venture2 brings deep experience in helping mature industrial companies embrace digital transformation and IoT technologies. We understand the importance of building sustainable innovation capability within industrial companies to become faster and more agile in adopting technology and in co-creating new solutions with peer companies and entrepreneurial partners. We have helped companies in diverse industries including deep-sea oil drilling, industrial fabrication, industrial gasses,chemicals, and automotive OEM supply.

Innovation used to be thought of as product-focused. The financial and other service industries are experiencing first-hand what digital transformation means to service-related businesses. Large established players are seeing their business offerings ‘unbundled’ by digital startups and non-traditional competitors every day. Consumers and customers rely less than ever on the trusted relationships with incumbents and are increasingly comfortable moving to new platforms with the promise of simplifying their tasks and their lives. How can financial, insurance and other services firms learn to not only defend against these new competitors, but to take the lead in transforming experiences for their customers?

Venture2 has worked with some of the leading financial and services firms in building innovation capability that can extend the core and create tomorrow’s new businesses. Learning to partner in new ways and to engage both complementary peer companies as well as startups is a key element of what Venture2 brings to the table. We have over a decade of client successes in building innovation capabilities, developing collaborative networks and accessing both internal and external sources of innovation. And we have direct consulting and venturing experience in digital transformation that provides unique insights into what it takes to move beyond ideas and to implementation.