Venture2’s Innovation Framework


We help you move beyond ‘either/or’ mindsets to ‘AND’ mindsets by managing core and transformative innovation as an interdependent system. Building this level of innovation capability requires new approaches to portfolio strategies, team structures, internal processes, and external partnering.

By applying the Venture2 framework in your own organization, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop dual-growth strategies and innovation portfolio approaches where core and transformative efforts are additive, rather than simply competing for resources
  • Structure your organization and processes to enable ‘dual operating systems’ with the right balance of integration and separation for core and transformative innovation
  • Engage with startups and entrepreneurs in new co-creation models – move beyond ‘innovation outposts’ to deliver breakthrough results with lower risk
  • Create the right mindsets and culture that can embrace the creative tensions of innovating for today and for tomorrow within the same organization
Click on one of the sections of this framework or select a link in the sidebar to learn more about this systems approach to building enduring growth and innovation.

Innovation strategy and portfolio management

Leverage the power of “AND” by creating dual-growth strategies and portfolio management discipline.

Core business innovation

Accelerate the core business through disciplined execution of new product development.

Transformative new business creation

Build the capability for new sources of growth as part of an interdependent innovation system.

Innovation ecosystem engagement

Learn how to leverage external innovation and startups to fuel core innovation and co-create transformative businesses.
“Venture2 has been a true partner. You have helped us beyond what I could have imagined… I can’t thank you enough.”
Randy Schickert, President DESA Indoor/Outdoor Products
“You made a huge impact. Your astute but firm guidance on the project took this team to new directions and provided a real platform for us to drive growth and rigor. Thank you for the terrific work.”
John Clarke, Chairman Futura Medical
“I worked with Venture2 on the implementation of an innovation capability building initiative and found their operational insight, deep understanding of key processes & methodologies, and organizational change management skills to be critical factors for the successful deployment of world class product development capabilities that have produced tangible and sustainable results for my company.”
Director, R&D Renewable Energy Industry
“Venture2 brings a unique ability. They have the operational backgrounds to bring a business to life.”
Larry Wesson, CEO Medport LLC
“GSK has worked closely with Venture2 on a variety of initiatives across our businesses. Their extensive experience in Open Innovation and their focus on delivering real results have been tremendously helpful to us in achieving a leadership position in delivering new innovations.”
Stanley J. Lech, VP Global Innovation GSK Consumer Healthcare