Greetings from ‘The Heart’ in Warsaw Poland

Exciting to be here in Warsaw Poland at 'The Heart', a unique collaborative innovation center for corporate/startup co-creation within Europe.

Becoming Entrepreneurial from the Outside In

What company today isn’t trying to become more entrepreneurial? I hear it all the time from corporate executives: “We need to be more like a startup.” Yet, big companies are not startups. They can learn and adapt entrepreneurial mindsets and some methods, but they can not and should not try to revert to being a Read more ›

June 9th, 2016|BLOG, Entrepreneurship|

Adapting Lean Startup Principles for Corporate Innovation

Venture2 has promoted the value of rapid iterations and in-market experimentation long before Lean Startup became a popular trend. We have a long track record of working with both entrepreneurs and large companies helping clients adapt the principles of lean and incorporate them within their innovation and new business creation efforts. Unfortunately too many companies Read more ›

May 22nd, 2016|BLOG, Entrepreneurship|

Follow-up from Webinar with MaRS Innovation District

I had a great time engaging with participants in my recent webinar with MaRS Verge on Collective Disruption topic.  It was a precursor to the upcoming MaRS Verge event scheduled for Feb. 29-Mar. 1 in Toronto, where I'll be providing an onsite workshop as part of the event.  I have a great amount of respect Read more ›