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Association for Talent Development (ATD) Webinar – Diversity & Inclusion for Innovation

June 2016 - In this unique ATD webinar, Michael Docherty joined Marjorie Hudson (Hudson Research) and Rebekah Steele (The Conference Board) in presenting both evidence and approaches for leveraging diversity and inclusion as a tool for improved innovation and growth.

June 25th, 2016|SPEAKING & EVENTS|

Inside/Outside Podcast – Interview on Collective Disruption

Michael Docherty was interviewed by the Inside-Outside Podcast, which focuses on corporate entrepreneurship, corporate venture capital and related topics. In this interview, Mike share's some specific examples of how companies can partner earlier and more deeply with startups to accelerate new business creation. (Listen here)

June 21st, 2016|RECENT PRESS|

Leveraging Polarities

Corporations and startups are often thought of as opposite ends of the spectrum, like oil and water. But remember: opposites attract. Collective disruption is about harnessing the power of two seemingly disparate groups and aligning the best of both worlds at each stage of the value creation process. Some years back, a personal coach taught Read more ›

June 20th, 2016|BLOG, Collective Disruption|

Becoming Entrepreneurial from the Outside In

What company today isn’t trying to become more entrepreneurial? I hear it all the time from corporate executives: “We need to be more like a startup.” Yet, big companies are not startups. They can learn and adapt entrepreneurial mindsets and some methods, but they can not and should not try to revert to being a Read more ›

June 9th, 2016|BLOG, Entrepreneurship|

The Next Evolution of Open Innovation

Operating with an open innovation model takes a little - sometimes a lot - of faith. Even with some high-profile case histories from P&G, Unilever, General Mills, and others, there are many companies aiming to embrace open innovation that are finding the timelines challenging. It’s actually still pretty difficult to find large-scale and compelling data on Read more ›

May 31st, 2016|BLOG, Open Innovation|

Innovation Master Class – June 7-9 at 3M Innovation Center.

During June 7-9, Venture2 will be leading a pre-conference workshop on “Extending Today’s Core While Transforming for the Future” at the Conference Board’s Innovation Master Class. Michael Docherty will also be co-presenting at the main conference with Matt Asman of Cisco related to our work in  “Building Innovation Muscle at Cisco.” The event is in the Minneapolis, Minnesota Read more ›

May 31st, 2016|SPEAKING & EVENTS| Article on Collective Disruption did an online article based on an interview with Michael Docherty entitled, Innovation Is Not Enough. Consider an Alternative Disruption. The interview was conducted by Bill Carmody (founder of Trepoint) who is an columnist and passionate advocate for entrepreneurs. In addition to the article, you will also find a link to a video of the full Read more ›

May 23rd, 2016|RECENT PRESS|

Adapting Lean Startup Principles for Corporate Innovation

Venture2 has promoted the value of rapid iterations and in-market experimentation long before Lean Startup became a popular trend. We have a long track record of working with both entrepreneurs and large companies helping clients adapt the principles of lean and incorporate them within their innovation and new business creation efforts. Unfortunately too many companies Read more ›

May 22nd, 2016|BLOG, Entrepreneurship|

From Open Innovation to Collective Disruption

A year ago I launched my book, Collective Disruption: How Corporations and Startups Can Co-create Transformative New Businesses. Today, I’m excited to announce that the book is now available in paperback (in addition to the existing hardcover and Kindle versions). I’d like to take you back to when I was first introduced to innovating with Read more ›

May 22nd, 2016|BLOG, Collective Disruption, Open Innovation|

Collective Disruption at the Edison Awards

Recently I was fortunate enough to attend the Edison Awards in New York. It is always reassuring and inspiring to be immersed in an atmosphere where you are encouraged to be and think differently. Innovation is alive and well. The Edison Awards were originally founded in 1987 and celebrate the legacy of the great inventor, Read more ›

May 22nd, 2016|BLOG, Collective Disruption|