blog-smallisbigCheryl Connor who writes on PR for published this article on what large companies can learn from entrepreneurs and startups about launching innovation into the market. The article centers on an interview with Michael Docherty of Venture2 and our experiences in commercializing breakthrough innovation (the good, the bad and the ugly).  Docherty notes the very best PR launches are iterative, using the same methods lean startups employ while perfecting a solution.

With historical examples (George Foreman Grill and others) and new examples today (Slack as an example)  there are many lessons to be learned about approaching the marketing and PR of truly new products and businesses differently. The moral of the story is this: while neither startups or enterprises are inherently better, the ability to partner up in ways that allow entrepreneurs and enterprises to play to their strengths can often create PR outcomes that ultimately stand out as the best.  (Read the story here).