A leading CPG company had identified an opportunity to strengthen their connection to consumers by providing an innovative digital platform to complement their existing business model. They knew that this opportunity required competencies outside of their core, yet understood the benefits this platform could provide to their core brands.


Venture2 developed several unique strategies for addressing the opportunity through various levels of partnering. We identified key enabling technologies for consumer targeting and the implementation partners willing to own and grow this platform in partnership with the CPG brands. Our work highlighted a flaw in the original strategy, validated by potential partners’ feedback. We helped the client redefine the initiative and build the implementation plans and business models that would work for them and their partners. Successful pilots validated the power of this solution, which is being pursued for commercialization.

“Your work and insights quickly identified how our thinking needed to change on this opportunity. It’s helped us redefine it and connected us to innovators who can make it happen to the benefit of our company, our partners and most importantly our consumers.”
—Senior Director,
New Business Development