A seed-stage technology seed fund had invested in a promising technology for digital force measurement. But they lacked the strategy and business skills to commercialize it, and asked Venture2 for help. The technology had potential applications in a variety of markets. Where to begin?


Venture2 led a comprehensive market assessment and user-centered study. We identified a unique opportunity to disrupt the consumer market aimed at a specialized, but rapidly growing, segment of weekend-enthusiast mechanics. Our work showed that this was a market segment that was passionate about the solution, and one that could be leveraged into other segments. An entrepreneur was recruited, several products quickly developed and Brownline Tools was launched as a new leader in the digital tools segment.

“Brownline Metalworks LLC was formed to take this exciting new technology to market, building on the great work of Venture2 and PCD. Now we’re revolutionizing the industry with our patented Digital Torque Wrench.”
—James Werner, Founder
Brownline Metalworks LLC